Inward Eye folio 285 of 500 by Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz

Inward Eye folio 285 of 500 by Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz


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Number 285 of 500 original series that held 10 Serigraphs in the "Inward Eye" folio c1970 by Richard Joseph Anuszkiewicz (b. 1930) and the words of William Blake. Anuszkiewicz, one of the foremost Op Artists of the mid-twentieth century, is widely known for his vibrating color combinations and use of simple geometric and linear forms to explore the nature of color and visual perception. Anuszkiewicz’s work is carefully (almost scientifically) planned and executed. His compositions are symmetrical, uniform, and flat; they offer little in terms of physical depth and space. Technically superb, the work is impersonal and cool, focusing solely on color and its function as the subject of his images. Inward Eye offers a compilation of the diverse compositional approaches and color experiments that is typical of Anuszkiewicz’s work in his early career. Inward Eye was produced by the Aquarius Press and printed in Baltimore in 1970. It consists of original plexiglass case, a facial graphic, artist signed inside description page, and 10 folios on hand made paper with words by William Blake. The complete set of images and folio pages are presented in this exhibition. The original museum quality plexiglass frame measures 26.5 h x 20.50 inches w by 1.25 inches deep.

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