Antonius Stradivarius Greville violin 1711 sale papers R D Hawley c1889

Antonius Stradivarius Greville violin 1711 sale papers R D Hawley c1889


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Antonius Stradivarius Greville Violin 1711 sale papers of R D Hawley c1889. This is a collection of letters, receipts and documents related to the sale of the famous Antonius Stradivarius Greville Violin dated 1726 and the collection of some of the rarest violins in the world owned by R. D. Hawley of Hartford CT. The letters go on to explain how, when and for what price he purchased the violin, and to whom he is selling it. The sale made headlines in the Harford Times, Saturday Evening, October 12, 1889. He sold it for the astonishing sum of $6000.00 to Mr Edward D. Adams of the New York banking firm Winslow, Lanier and Co. Included is a stack of original letters from Mr. Adams and R. D. Hawley discussing the sale and purchase, dated in the 1890's. There is a complete history of this violin until 1928, when it sold to Fritz Kreisler for $7000.00. Also included is a first edition of Antonio Stradivari His Life and Work (1644-1737) by W. Henry Hill, Arthur F. Hill, & Alfred E. Hill, published by William E. Hill & Sons, London, 1902. Olive green cloth with gilt stamping, bound to parchment spine, Stradivari emblem on front cover in red and gilt. Inside the cover is a letter from George Hall to Edward Adams dated May 16, 1903, mentioning he is preparing a new edition of his father's well known work. The letter has Adams Esq New York written on the lower left.To read more about the history of this violin go to this url

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