Duck Blind etching by Ogden Pleissner

Duck Blind etching by Ogden Pleissner


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"Ogden Pleissner",Antique American prints,"Duck Blind", a rare etching by artist OGDEN PLEISSNERPainter,artist, illustrator, educatorB. 1905 Brooklyn, NY, d. 1983 London, England. Studied: Brooklyn Friends School; ASL with F. J. Boston,G. Bridgman, F. V. DuMond. Member:NA; All. Artists. Am.;SAE; AWCS; Brooklyn SA; Century Assn.; Phila. WCC;Baltimore WCC; SC; CAFA; Lyme AA; Audubon Artists;South.VT Artists; Royal Soc. Arts. Exhibited: Salons of Am.;S. Indp. A.; PAFA Ann.; Corcoran Gal. Biennials; CI; AIC;NAD; AWCS; MMA; NAC; SC; AWCS; Hirschl & AdlerGal., NYC. Work: Amon Carter Mus.; MMA; Nat. Coll.Fine Arts; PAFA; PMA; BM; TMA; WMAA; LACMA;Minneapolis Inst. Art; Swope Gal. Art; New Britain Mus.;NYPL; LOC; Reading Art Mus.; Univ. NE; Univ. ID; HighMus. Art; Shelburne Mus.; Cincinnati AM. Note: this is arare etching because Pleissner did just four etchings andlimited the printing to 50 of each. Frame measures 19 and one half inches by 25 and one half inches, image measures 12 inches by 17".

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