Soroku Toyoshima aluminum abstract fish sculpture c1968

Soroku Toyoshima aluminum abstract fish sculpture c1968


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Soroku Toyoshima aluminum abstract fish sculpture c1968. Incised signature on base. The sculpture measures 28" x 10.5" x 3.5" and is in wonderful condition. Just in from an important CT estate. Soroku Toyoshima was a Japanese artist and sculptor born in 1940. Toyoshima was a member of the Neo-Dadaism Orgainzation. To see other examples of the artist work go to Lot 587 - Dawson's, Morris Plains (February 08, 1997) and Rago auction April 2004 lot 245. There is an exhibition listing in the New York Magazine April 13, 1970 issue for an exhibit by Toyoshima at the Katz gallery 38 E 63 NYC through April 18 1970. and in December 1969 titled "Young New York". Neo-Dadaism Organizers were a group of Japanese artists who showed at the Yomiuri Independent exhibitions of the late 1950s and developed ?anti-art? activities modeled on those of the DADA movement. There were frequent dissolutions and reformings, but the group that formed in March 1960 included Masunobu Yoshimura (b 1932), Genpei Akasegawa (b 1937),Shusaku Arakawa, Sho Kazakura, Ushio Shinohara (b 1933) and Soroku Toyoshima (and later Shintaro Tanaka (b 1940) and Shin Kinoshita); with the exception of Tetsumi Kudo and Tomio Miki, who associated with the group but never joined, it seemed then to comprise all the major ?anti-art? artists in Japan. Here is a quote from his son Tak Toyosihma who's Asian American-themed comic strip, Secret Asian Man, is now nationally syndicated in major newspapers across the United States." I am also certainly inspired by both of my artistic parents as well as my older brother whose artistic skills I grew up being jealous of Toyoshima adds. My dad, Soroku Toyoshima, was one of a few neo-Dadaist artists coming out of Japan during the 1950s and 1960s, and has shown his work at the Tokyo Museum as well as a number of other shows in Japan and NYC ".

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