Landscape Watercolour by British artist F J Widgery c1880

Landscape Watercolour by British artist F J Widgery c1880


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F J Widgery watercolour landscape. John Widgery produced landscape and coastal scenes, mainly in gouache, with most of the subjects being local scenes in the Devon and Cornwall area. There is a book by Baker C. Jane titled "A Vision of Dartmoor Paintings by FJ Widgery 1861 -1942". Introduction by C Jane Baker Frederick John Widgery 1861 - 1942. The younger son of the artist William Widgery, he was educated at the Cathedral School, Exeter and later studied at the Exeter school of Art, then subsequently at South Kensington and in Antwerp. He became very active in municipal affairs and was Mayor of Exeter from 1903 to 1904, he was also chairman of many committees and a captain in the 'Volunteers. His style is distinctive and influenced by his father although his work is noticeably more formal than self taught William. The moorland scenes for which he is best known are hallmarked with the familiar purple and mauve of the heather rendered most commonly in gouache but also in watercolor and oil.The coastlines and harbors are also well recorded by this artist and he was responsible for the illustration of several moorland and coastal books. A granite cross was erected on Brat Tor by his father, William to celebrate Queen Victoria's jubilee and has subsequently been renamed Widgery Cross. This information was taken from . This watercolour is in its original wood frame with its original glass. The frame measures 26 and three quarters by 13 and one quarter. The image measures 20 and one half inches by 7 and one quarter inches. This watercolor is in excellent condition. The pictures do not show just how important looking it is in person.

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