Maria Bonomi Modern Art triptych woodcut print Brazil 1963

Maria Bonomi Modern Art triptych woodcut print Brazil 1963


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Maria Bonomi Modern Art woodcut triptych print Brazil 1963. Maria Bonomi was born in Meina Italy to a Brazilian mother and Italian father. She moved from Italy to Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1953. See Latin American and Caribbean Artists of the Modern Era by Steve Shipp page 94 or New Brazilian Art by P. M. Bardi page 151 for more information on the artist. All three woodcuts are signed by the artist and marked 1 2 and 3 7 out of 10. The whole triptych its original gold leaf frame measures 53 inches by 24 and one half inches. Each of the three prints is on wonderful hand made paper and measure 17 by 23 inches. To learn more about this artist go to also see There are three fundamental vectors in Maria Bonomi's route: her respect for the craft, the craftsmanship in the technique of woodcut, and her public works. She has turned the technique of woodcut into a paradigm and re-covered it with themes that seemed so distant: the lyical vision of the planted fields, the horizons, the proteic form capable of unfolding in multiple forms and meanings endless cicles... These shapes repeat and multiply themselves in many and various ways but each time they find a new, actual identity. Maria Bonomi explains: "I always do the same thing, and it is always different."Maria Bonomi,

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