Antique Ephemera Lein for Interest Due Legal Document

Antique Ephemera Lein for Interest Due Legal Document


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Here is an antique legal document dated 16 June 1830. It is a writ addressed to the Sheriff of Middlesex County, Connecticut, to summons a man whose name appears to be Jake Kilsey (the handwriting is a bit ambiguous). Kilsey had signed a promissory note for nine dollars and never repaid it. He is therefore being asked to pay a total of twenty dollars in damages and costs. This is a very good return on money invested! The order is signed by Justice of the Peace Loomis before whom the case will be heard (assuming Kilsey can be found). This large, for the time, legal document is custom framed for your enjoyment. Overall dimensions are 12 inches by 15 inches. The document itself is 7 and one half inches by 11 and one half inches. It is in excellent condition with no tears or chips. It has been folded (it is a legal document and was folded in a particular way so that the case title would appear on the top panel). The crease marks are, therefore, an authentic part of the document. This is an excellent collector's item for layman or lawyer.

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