Antique German carved walnut side chair

Antique German carved walnut side chair


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Carved German furniture,Antique German hand carved chair , This German chair is all hand carved walnut. It was most definitely carved by a master carver because the detail is so precise. This antique hand carved German chair measures 48 and and three quarters inches high, 19 inches to top of seat, seat 17 inches deep, 20 inches wide. Chair back tapers from 15 inches wide at top to 17 inches wide at base. This chair dates from 1890 to 1910.This chair is in excellent original condition including its upholstered seat. The walnut is just beautiful. The perfect desk chair,

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I got a chair from my grandmother with carved dragons on it. After searching everywhere, I found the same chair on your website. I thought it looked Asian, but had no idea how valuable it is! I almost sold it to a friend for a hundred bucks. I am so glad I used your site to learn how much it's worth! Your price guide is such a great tool! Thanks Again!!

- D. Weston   (customer testimonial)

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